With heart health and breast health taking center stage over the last few years, colon health has now stepped to the front – promoting the importance of this organ. A major colon issue is ulcerative colitis, a disease that cannot be ignored. Ulcerative colitis involves inflammation of the colon’s lining and the development of sores or even ulcers. Symptoms develop gradually allowing the disease to mature before its noticed, much less diagnosed. A recent case study done in China reveals that this disease can be avoided and even possibly reversed. The factors that primarily put one at risk are lifestyle related: stress, alcohol consumption of any kind, spicy food, and heavy sugar consumption. The study also found that drinking water- even tap water- did very well to protect one against this disease. This is good news because it puts us back in the driver’s seat as it relates to our health. Be good to your colon and begin implementing these simple measures, beginning with water. Read the research for further information.

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