Let’s face it, infomercials are very persuasive, and the most recent ones hawking juicers and “extractors” have made juice machines the ‘must-have’ appliance of the decade. But there are many concerned with juicing, wondering if juicing and blending fruit won’t, in fact, cause Type 2 Diabetes. They wonder, “Will all this fruit juice and its attendant sugar negatively impact my blood sugar levels?” This question has been answered by a 2014 systematic meta-analytic investigation of the association between fruit juice consumption and Type 2 diabetes. The investigation revealed that 100% juice from fruit had no effect on increasing one’s risk of the disease. What did have causal impact was sugar-sweetened fruit juices. For health-conscious consumers, this distinction is vital and the difference needs to be appreciated. If it’s sugar or fructose enriched, leave it alone. But before you indulge, read the data for yourself.

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