High cholesterol is primarily a dietary issue, not a drug issue. Contrary to pharmaceutical advertising, the cure for high triglycerides (TG), high total cholesterol (TC), and increased levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) is not found in a pill. If the cause of these issues are dietary, then so is the cure. Brazilian researchers examined blood samples of meat eaters, vegetarians who ate dairy and eggs, vegetarians who ate dairy, and vegans who solely ate plant-based foods. The results showed significant differences in blood lipid levels with omnivores (meat eaters) having the highest levels than any other group. The quasi-vegetarians had slightly lower levels, but the vegans had significantly lower levels than all groups. High fat, high cholesterol foods are the foods of choice for most Americans. Choice is a powerful freedom, but so is education. And as more people are educating themselves about diet, they are finding themselves making different dietary choices. Choice is powerful, but so is knowledge.

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