Dr. Michael Greger, MD, presents a strategy from a Yale professor of how to go past the emotionless data in order to grasp the attention of an audience of physicians.  If we simply take a moment to close our eyes and imagine the face of someone we know who is suffering or suffered from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes and remember the feeling when we got the news.  The weight, the dread, the anxiety, and apparent hopelessness it brought.  Now imagine if they never got the news because it “never happened.”  This is what lifestyle medicine possess the power to do, not only to prevent 80% of all heart disease and strokes, 90% of diabetes, and as much as 60% of cancers, but to prevent the feeling of loss and hopelessness.  This is why our program of preserving and restoring hope is called The New Life, for he who has health has hope, and he who can prevent the loss of health is verily preventing the loss of hope.  And nothing feels more hopeful than a new life.