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Photo: Wellcome Library, London

The Office Water Cooler

Have you ever wondered why your office provides you with water? Besides being generous and caring, your boss respects the fact that water is vital for life. It is the most critical nutrient needed for sustained life. 3/4 of your body weight is comprised of water. Recent investigations into water intake benefits and requirements have...   #Water

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Dehydration: We Do It To Ourselves

Given the importance of water for overall physical and mental health and performance, dehydration is something to be avoided. However, a study involving 10-12 year old boys showed that dehydration is something we voluntarily enter into more often than not. The experiment involved having the boys work in the heat and leaving them free to...   #Water

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Water & Performance

Besides thirst, what happens when we allow ourselves to become even a little dehydrated? We deteriorate. It’s just that simple. A 2006 study concluded that dehydration leads to poor problem solving, poor time management, and overall poor psychological processing. The deterioration of one’s mental and psychomotor processing is serious, for impaired or diminished functioning can...   #Exercise #Water

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Proper Hydration can help with headaches

After reading today‚Äôs excerpt, you may find yourself reaching for a glass of water instead of a pill for your next headache. The question for most all headache sufferers is, “Is there any relief”? From migraines to tension headaches, it comes down to coping with fighting pain. For those of us who have dealt with...   #Water

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