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Want to lower your stress? Help someone lower theirs

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News Selfishness and isolation contribute to and exacerbate stress. It may seem counterintuitive, but helping others is a great de-stressor. If you need helping figuring out where to begin, today’s excerpt will help. (Note: the links are embedded from the original article and are not part of our domain...   #Invest Time #Trust More

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Sleep your Stress Away

Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign has proven to be one of the most effective campaigns in advertising history. The side effect of this campaign, however, may be that we have become high-octane, stressed out, over-achievers who know how to get it done…except when it comes to getting sufficient rest. Today’s excerpt will, hopefully, help you...   #Rest #Trust More

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Time in nature a timeless secret to lowering stress

Traffic, social media, TV drama, real-life drama, issues and burdens all contribute to our stress levels. Rather than putting kids in ‘time-out’, perhaps adults need time out. Actually, we do. Time out in nature or even passively watching nature scenes helps de-stress in marked ways. Note today’s excerpted study for further information. In a recent...   #Fresh Air #Trust More

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Ancient Hydrotherapy can lower modern stress

For some, “hydrotherapy” sounds quite medical and intimidating, but have no fear. Hydrotherapy can be as simple as a drink of water, a warm bath, or a cold compress to the head. Hydrotherapy has many benefits including stress relief. Note the simple applications mentioned in the excerpted article below. Hot baths can do more than...   #Educate #Trust More

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