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Fragmented Sleep & Tumor Growth

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea do more than just make us cranky, such conditions are now seen to be associated with cancer and tumor growth. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Cancer Research revealed evidence that sleep fragmentation enhanced tumor size and increased tumor invasiveness. The causal link was found in the body’s...   #Nutrition #Rest

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Sleep Disorders and Depression

Let’s face it, there is very little difference between a sleep deprived adult and a sleep deprived baby: they are both cranky and miserable. Sleep loss due to sleep disorders or chronic insomnia has been strongly linked to depression in adults, so it is a serious issue. Sleep loss affects one’s attitude, cognitive function and...   #Rest

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Sleep & BMI

If you are finding it hard to shed those last few unwanted pounds (or perhaps the first few unwanted pounds) try getting a better night’s sleep. The Hardaland Health Study investigated the relation between sleep duration and BMI and metabolic issues like hypertension and elevated cholesterol. The study demonstrated a positive association between sleep and...   #High Cholesterol #Obesity #Rest

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Sleep & Testosterone

Ladies, if you want to motivate your husbands to improve their sleep habits and get their needed rest, share this information with them: sleep increases testosterone levels. This is the assertion of studies done that investigated sleep quantity, testosterone levels, and sexual function. These findings make issues like sleep apnea and chronic insomnia very important....   #Rest

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