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Marriage & Stress

Beverly married her long-time best friend and sweetheart, but knew her marriage was doomed for divorce while on the ride home from the honeymoon as her husband rattled off his list of demands of her now that she was his wife. She looked at the stranger she’d married and knew she wouldn’t remain married to...   #Invest Time

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Helping others will help with your chronic pain

Today’s excerpt is a personal account of someone who deals with their own chronic pain by investing time with others. One of my biggest coping techniques for living with chronic pain is distraction. I like to stay so busy that I don’t have time to notice how badly I feel. Volunteering accomplishes this task and...   #Invest Time

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Volunteering shown to help with depression

Investing time with others may be the new prescription for those who deal with depression. See today’s excerpt.   Studies of the relationship between volunteering and health demonstrate that there is a significant relationship between volunteering and good health: when older adults volunteer, they not only help their community but also experience better health in...   #Invest Time

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Want to lower your stress? Help someone lower theirs

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News Selfishness and isolation contribute to and exacerbate stress. It may seem counterintuitive, but helping others is a great de-stressor. If you need helping figuring out where to begin, today’s excerpt will help. (Note: the links are embedded from the original article and are not part of our domain...   #Invest Time #Trust More

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