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Breath Control and Blood Pressure

How often do you forget to breathe? Though it is hard to imagine, we often forget to breathe, especially during exercise or stressful moments. We all know that deep, cleansing breaths go far in calming and relaxing us, yet we do it so infrequently. A recent study investigated the impact of breath control on blood...   #Fresh Air #High Blood Pressure

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10 reasons kids need Fresh Air

It’s time for parents to begin a revolution with their kids: an outdoor revolution. Kids need fresh air even more than adults, yet they are deprived of that essential air, just as much as their parents. Revolt, parents- and get your kids outside. Today’s excerpt gives a few reasons why.   Getting fresh air has...   #Fresh Air

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Fresh Air has a side effect: A better immune system

When did we go from hanging out in the outdoors to being cooped up indoors- for days at a time? Are we better for this switch? No. Our immune systems are taking a beating, but today’s excerpt can help reverse that trend.   It may be time to step outside if you find yourself cooped...   #Fresh Air

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Can deep breathing make you smarter?

Most people say they love the outdoors, but if actions speak louder than words, apparently most Americans HATE the outdoors. We are rarely outside and it’s affecting our health- including our mental health. Read the excerpt below to see how.   Children who get more “vitamin G”–what experts call time spent in green spaces–have lower...   #Fresh Air

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