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Meat and Weight Loss

Weight gain and loss are of primary importance to adults as proven by the large number of fad diets that abound. Who has the best diet for sustained weight loss? This is the question that launched a UK study that investigated weight gain over 5 years in several thousand meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians, and...   #Nutrition #Obesity

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Vitamin D, Obesity, & Type 2 Diabetes

The sun will soon become the BFF of Type 2 Diabetes. Thanks to a 2012 Turkish study, the correlation between obesity, vitamin D levels, and Type 2 diabetes has been determined. The study revealed that type 2 diabetics, primarily those with higher BMI levels, also suffer from vitamin D deficiency. T association comes because of...   #Diabetes #Obesity #Sunlight

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Sleep & BMI

If you are finding it hard to shed those last few unwanted pounds (or perhaps the first few unwanted pounds) try getting a better night’s sleep. The Hardaland Health Study investigated the relation between sleep duration and BMI and metabolic issues like hypertension and elevated cholesterol. The study demonstrated a positive association between sleep and...   #High Cholesterol #Obesity #Rest

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Physicians: Plant Based Diet Advocates

Physicians have long noticed the trend. More people are becoming sick, the sick are becoming sicker, and the cost for treating sicknesses are sky-rocketing. This would not matter so much to doctors if their treatments were proving effective, but they are not. Traditional therapies are not helping people recover. Physicians are observing the opposite, and...   #Heart Disease #Nutrition #Obesity

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