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Breath Control and Blood Pressure

How often do you forget to breathe? Though it is hard to imagine, we often forget to breathe, especially during exercise or stressful moments. We all know that deep, cleansing breaths go far in calming and relaxing us, yet we do it so infrequently. A recent study investigated the impact of breath control on blood...   #Fresh Air #High Blood Pressure

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Nitric Oxide Boosting Foods

What’s “nitric oxide” and why should you be interested in increasing it? Nitric Oxide is a molecule that is vitally important to your cells to maintain their signaling capabilities and other actiivities. Nitric Oxide also increases blood flow which your brain, organs, and “extremities” depend on. It also improves sleep quality and increases endurance and...   #High Blood Pressure

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Sucrose (Sugar) = Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Here’s another reason you need to get that sweet tooth under control: it’s slowly killing you. Sucrose consumption (table sugar and high fructose corn syrup as opposed to what naturally occurs in fruit) is on the rise. The fact that it’s added to most processed foods may be part of the reason why. What is...   #High Blood Pressure #Nutrition

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Vitamin D: A Multi-Defender

When it comes to protecting, managing, and regaining overall health, Vitamin D has proven to be most effective. The naturally occurring, sun-derived Vitamin D provides proactive defense against most common lifestyle diseases. Without Vitamin D you increase your risk of many comone cancers, auto immune diseases, high blood pressure, Type 1 diabetes, and even rheumatoid...   #Diabetes #High Blood Pressure #Sunlight

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