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Now That You Have Diabetes – Part 2 What in the world are they talking about?!

Language.  It can a blessing and a curse!  This is especially true regarding our health.  We receive pamphlets, forms, brochures, cards etc., about our health conditions or risks in terminology that is usually way over our heads.  Diabetes is no stranger to this problem.  Perhaps you have heard terms like LADA Diabetes, Gestastional, or Diabetes...   #Diabetes #Diabetes Education #Educate

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Now That You Have Diabetes…

Now that you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, what’s next?  This is often a defining moment in about 90 million people’s lives throughout America.  The doctor lets you know the you are pre-diabetic and diabetic, briefly summarizes the risks and makes recommendations for medication and suggests that you slow down on the sodas and starbucks’ coffee....   #Diabetes #Diabetes Education #Educate #Recent Posts

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