Have you ever wondered why your office provides you with water? Besides being generous and caring, your boss respects the fact that water is vital for life. It is the most critical nutrient needed for sustained life. 3/4 of your body weight is comprised of water. Recent investigations into water intake benefits and requirements have led to important revelations. Water increases physical performance, which offsets early fatigue, reduced motivation, and reduced effort. Water also influences cognitive function by impacting mood, alertness, short-term memory and even vision. Proper gastro-intestinal function is greatly influenced by water intake, which naturally detoxifies the system. The benefits are almost endless. Water intake requirements vary based on need. The important thing to note is that it is vital and must be ingested in its natural state. Over reliance on water based foods and beverages does not, at all, have the same effect as natural water. So the next time you pass the office cooler, thank your boss for supporting your life.

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