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Coffee Breaks = Pancreatic Cancer?

Your workplace break room may be a breeding ground for cancer. For most people, to be diagnosed with cancer is to receive a death sentence. Thankfully, many cancers are having higher survival rates than ever before. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is not one of them. With this being the case, it has been crucial that risk...   #Educate #Heart Disease

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Heart Disease & Alzheimer’s: Kissing Cousins

In the 3 minutes it will take you to read this article, 2 Americans will have developed Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million Americans, impairing their cognitive function. Evidence is now mounting linking cardiovascular disease with Alzheimer’s as a risk factor for its development. 60 million Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease in some form or...   #Heart Disease #High Cholesterol #Nutrition

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Physicians: Plant Based Diet Advocates

Physicians have long noticed the trend. More people are becoming sick, the sick are becoming sicker, and the cost for treating sicknesses are sky-rocketing. This would not matter so much to doctors if their treatments were proving effective, but they are not. Traditional therapies are not helping people recover. Physicians are observing the opposite, and...   #Heart Disease #Nutrition #Obesity

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Volunteering & Heart Disease

Doing good feels good, but science now reports that doing good, specifically volunteering, is actually a cardiovascular risk-factor reducer. The JAMA Pediatrics reported an empirical study that examined the impact volunteering had on the health of adolescents. They found slightly lower cholesterol levels among test subjects and lower body mass index. Such findings suggest a...   #Heart Disease

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