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Photo: Wellcome Library, London

Blue Zones – The World’s Longest Living People

Check out this TED video, where Dan Buettner shares “How to Live to Be 100”, through research collected on his global Blue Zone study.     #Diseases #Principles

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Meat and Weight Loss

Weight gain and loss are of primary importance to adults as proven by the large number of fad diets that abound. Who has the best diet for sustained weight loss? This is the question that launched a UK study that investigated weight gain over 5 years in several thousand meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians, and...   #Nutrition #Obesity

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Men, Fruit, and Type 2 Diabetes

Meat consumption is associated with manliness, vigor and virility, while fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with tree-hugging dainties. While these fanciful stereotypes and notions that are not based on reality abound, more and more meat-eating men are losing their sense of manliness to the likes of Type 2 diabetes. A recent study reported in...   #Diabetes #Nutrition

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Breath Control and Blood Pressure

How often do you forget to breathe? Though it is hard to imagine, we often forget to breathe, especially during exercise or stressful moments. We all know that deep, cleansing breaths go far in calming and relaxing us, yet we do it so infrequently. A recent study investigated the impact of breath control on blood...   #Fresh Air #High Blood Pressure

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